Be a broker in
financial market

Companies registration, opening of an account,
payment acceptance through Visa\Mastercard
Legal addresses and apostilled documents of incorporation will be provided for both companies
We open a bank account for withdrawal from psp and for making profit thereafter
We also provide all necessary agreements for running the business
Сompany registration
We register two companies for you: in offshore jurisdiction – for leading the brokerage activity and in Europe (as a "payment agent) – for payment acceptance via cards.
We will create the unique, up-to-date website for business, without using any ready-made templates
Trader's Room and analytic services for trader's activity will be available on your website
Site for brokers
Your website will have adaptive web version for mobile devices, so you will get an opportunity to lure target audience via mobile Internet
Time limit of website creation is within 1 months and even less, so you can run your business promptly
Quick start
A business website creation
Trading direction variety
Quotes by hundreds of financial instruments
Manager Terminal and CRM system for the company's customer data managing
Terminals for your clients' trading activity via all devices: PC Windows and Mac, Web and Mobile version (Android and iOS)
Trader's Room for trading account opening, making deposits and handling clients' requests
We provide UTIP trading platform
for your clients' trading activity
UTIP platform, perhaps, is the most advantageous offer at the brokerage market.

The platform will be installed within 48 hours. If you are a White Label broker, we will transfer the clients during the week.

We are connecting psp, so you will be able to accept funds from traders through Visa\Mastercard
Client's funds will be floated automatically to trading platform and to your merchant account
The clients will be able to credit merchant accounts via Trader's Room, where more than 20 payment systems had been integrated
We will connect payment acceptance through Visa\Mastercard
Client traffic providing
By means of the lead generation, you can obtain requests of would-be customers. Customer request means contacts and inquiry form from the trader, interested in financial trading. Client requests will be sent along mail, to CRM or to online document.

You can receive requests from CIS countries (Russian speaking traffic) and from Europe (English-speaking traffic). The payment is accomplished after achieving the result (for the contacts of would-be customers), not for work performance or advertising budget implementation.
Creation stages and terms
Contract signing
Business registration
Website development
Software installation
Contact us
Make a request in the feedback form
How much funds are necessary for brokerage company establishment?
We recommend put 15 000 USD as inferior minimum for business implementation. It will be enough for registration of companies, site development and for getting all essential software. We can provide more information via phone call or in face-to-face setting.
What kind of documents are necessary for company establishment?
Documentation package for company's registration:
– Passport of beneficial owner to-be.
– The confirmation of beneficial owner's address. For example, utility bill dated within 3 months.
– Bank reference (letter from the bank), an evidence that you are a client of this bank, have a bank account and can operate it as a beneficial owner. The bank stamp and the mention of beneficial owner's address are obligatory requirements to this document.
– The copy of driver license or another document with photograph to certify the identity.
What is the company in unregulated jurisdiction for?
Offshore company will let you run a business without license across the financial landscape. Moreover, your clients will have possibility to make contracts with the company. You won't have to pay dues, and you also won't maintain bookkeeping accounting.
Is the license for business dealing necessary?
The license for business dealing is not necessary, its existence is optionally. Clarification on this: most of brokerage companies are registered in unregulated jurisdictions and do not have the license. These companies can raise traders' money and provide brokerage services according to countries' legislation, where they are registered.
What kind of specialists will be required?
Primarily you need business development managers.
As for software supporting and website's maintenance, - these matters will be our specialists' responsibility.
Why you should choose software from UTIP?
– Not White Label.
– Within UTIP platform there are all necessary elements for brokerage services' implementation.
– More 100 companies use the platform at their job every day.
– The cost of UTIP trading platform is from 9 000 USD for installation and 1000 per month for support.
Do you help with customer engagement?
Yes. You are obtaining the contacts of target audience from our partners on lead generation during your start-up stage.
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